You kind of really have to know indie bands for these to be funny.  The irony in this trending topic is that most indie bands are emaciated cigarette smoking white folks.

Britt Molnar @akaBritt Yo La Taco

Real band name: (Yo La Tengo)

CrispyTartCrassTalk @ctscanhollywood Jon Spencer Pants Explosion (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion)

Pudding at the Disco (Panic at the Disco) – not so indie, but…

She Wants Ravioli (She Wants Revenge)

Superchunkymonkey (Superchunk)

Morgan Miller @MrMorganMiller Modern Life is Boar (Modern Life is a Bore)

Joseph @Josephamjad @sethbrewton @rileybreck Elvis Cosjell-o

Liberty @MissLiberty Little Debbie Harry  —- not really indie, but ok

Chris @mountainchrisp Archers Of Meatloaf (Archers of Loaf)

Doug Tilley @Doug_Tilley Neko Case of Soda and a bag of pretzels (Neko Case)

thesetlist @thesetlist Death Flab for Booty (Death Cab for Cutie)

Bernard Bloom @bernardbloom Beerhunter (Deerhunter)

josh . henderson @HendoTweets Florence & The Exercise Machine (Florence and the Machine)

Spencer Griffin @spencergriffin nada surf and turf (Nada Surf)

LiliVonShtupp @lilivonshtupp Fat Power (Cat Power, aka Chan Marshall)

Nick Ciarelli @nciarelli @toddlevin KFC Soundsystem (LCD Soundsystem)

Ronald Doyle @ronald182 Burger Kings of Leon (Kings of Leon)

Borscht Belt @Borscht_Belt Fast Food Nation of Ulysses (Nation of Ulysses)

And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Bread (sub Bread for The Dead)

Velveeta Undergrad (Velvet Underground)


BEST OF #Failedcandy

This post is “fun-sized” for you to chew on.

Strangers with Candy would be proud.

Taste the Rainbow, of Rabies

@DarkSideIntern Dicklets – Tiny bite size chewy candy

@apesauce Sugarbastards and Sugarmistresses, the illegitimate family of Sugardaddies

@Avepates Sour Rape, Facial Tic Tacs, JournoHacks, Slutsons

@mr_popcorn 2 Girls 1 Peanut Butter Cup, Reese’s Feces

@prOductOf_1980s Those new skittles that fizzle in ya mouth like u got rabies

@HANsumSOLO Tittles

@Karrington25 Rosemary’s baby-back ribs flavored jolly ranchers

@NikkiLynette Nobody better lay a finger on my Boogerfinger.

@JBod Herpe’s Kisses

@Hank_Thompson Flintstones-shaped Viagra

@bbunny1940 Three Mouseketeers

@lipglossluvah Eminem’s w nuts

For your enjoyment, the new T.I. track–


Best of #whywebrokeup

May 21, 2010

Great stuff for some good laughs—  Top Trending Topic on Twitter today:

@iDanon843 Your sandpaper hands scraping my delicate balls is the reason

@SwagLikeBieber you didn’t manage to get a Justin Bieber hairdo

@DaChamp_IzHere Cuz your ex showed me the stab wound u gave him for going to the strip club with his friends…

@kingwade24 I found out u used to be a cum dumpster

@sclassjankins You could never quite get rid of that odor…no matter how much bleach i put in your bathwater. #Futility

@R_Rich she would talk too loud in da morning. Woman use yo inside voice.

@CookieDivine88 yOu were FaKer ThAn …Heidi MontAgs breaSt —>>>