BEST OF #Failedcandy

This post is “fun-sized” for you to chew on.

Strangers with Candy would be proud.

Taste the Rainbow, of Rabies

@DarkSideIntern Dicklets – Tiny bite size chewy candy

@apesauce Sugarbastards and Sugarmistresses, the illegitimate family of Sugardaddies

@Avepates Sour Rape, Facial Tic Tacs, JournoHacks, Slutsons

@mr_popcorn 2 Girls 1 Peanut Butter Cup, Reese’s Feces

@prOductOf_1980s Those new skittles that fizzle in ya mouth like u got rabies

@HANsumSOLO Tittles

@Karrington25 Rosemary’s baby-back ribs flavored jolly ranchers

@NikkiLynette Nobody better lay a finger on my Boogerfinger.

@JBod Herpe’s Kisses

@Hank_Thompson Flintstones-shaped Viagra

@bbunny1940 Three Mouseketeers

@lipglossluvah Eminem’s w nuts

For your enjoyment, the new T.I. track–