Scanning the East Coast for a spell before being back West-

Got a team name? motto?

Here are some problems we wrote:

– picture of Thomas Jefferson

– picture of M. Night Shyamalan + Haley Joel Osment

Answer: 11

5 cents + The Sixth Sense


-big card with a picture of the state of Ohio, South Carolina, Georgia, Nebraska, Texas, Minnesota, Kansas ..

-big card with 9 – e + a

-big card with a picture of a 16 oz. + a

-big card with a picture of Santa (Claus) + a picture of Maria Shriver

Answer: 1492

Columbus [sailed the ocean blue] with the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria



The Jacqueses do the brainy chihuahua/beagle’s bidding for earnings for dairy delights.

Will they win the 2K contest prize to get more?

Team photo in Chinatown, DC