so we’re going to retire now. JK


We love Robert Rodriguez also.

His trailer inspired us to make our own short revenge story.

aka The Real Furry Vengeance, aka There Will Be Butter.

Machete trailer:


Special thanks to:

Lodger Studios, Los Angeles

DJ Daisy O’Dell

DJ Whitney Fierce

Wayne Emme

We love David Lynch

May 6, 2010

so much that we emulate him when we’re goofing around.

When I first got a mini DV cam, we shot this little movie around Southern California.

Lost Highway vs. Devil Dog

Music is by our friends Ragwater Revue.

For clearer view of film- go to Facebook link.

//// See our film here:

You let your mind go there- to the gutter.

Get back on the sidewalk.

So, it’s been Mercury Retrograde- where things from your past come back.  This happens a few times a year and everything goes haywire.

It’s been a great thing for me- I moved back into town for the summer (after I exiled myself in the valley for grad school, part 1).  My buddy from NYC is with me for the week, and I’ve gotten to see a bunch of my old neighbors- the once F.A.G. (Franklin Avenue Gang). We all lived around the foothills by the Hollywood sign for half a decade, give or take together- 2002-2007.

I decided to start a new multi-media project called Saturn Return/Mercury Retrograde (S & M).

Saturn Return happens around the ages of 28-29.5 where the planet comes back and revolves around your sign (so you only get this a few times in your life). Everything is supposed to go topsy-turvy. Your job, relationships and life are bound to change during this time.

If you don’t get it- it’s like mumblecore meets Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

Click here for the S & M project page.

Check out this video entitled:


Remember that VHS that circulated in for reals underground style? It was shot outside a Judas Priest concert in the 80’s- Heavy Metal Parking Lot!

Well, Topie wrote those guys because they’re from Maryland too- and they said it was ok for her to make ‘Goth Parking Lot’, so she did.

See here-

Vintage PaidtobeNicedotCom

Her friend, NYC photographer Bryce Wards kindly hosts it on his site.


Here’s some of HMPL:

Yesterday was so much fun, courtesty of Brandie June and one her wonderful just for fun productions.  We shot some footage for our Halloweenie Episode.

We were at a red wedding- yeah you heard right.

Zombies attacked and transformed some people right after their nuptuals, all under swaying palm trees.

There were even pint size zombies running around.  You’ll see more when Brandie has a gallery exhibit up of all the fun times.

zombiesurvivalguide  IMG_7868 

Please check out Tim Bannock’s LA Examiner ZOMBIE page.

Here’s something fun from Dustin McLean– a literal video of Billy Idol’s White Wedding- enjoy—>

In a couple weeks, we’re off to shoot a haunted hayride. Hope we survive it!