We love Robert Rodriguez also.

His trailer inspired us to make our own short revenge story.

aka The Real Furry Vengeance, aka There Will Be Butter.

Machete trailer:


Special thanks to:

Lodger Studios, Los Angeles

DJ Daisy O’Dell

DJ Whitney Fierce

Wayne Emme

Remember that VHS that circulated in for reals underground style? It was shot outside a Judas Priest concert in the 80’s- Heavy Metal Parking Lot!

Well, Topie wrote those guys because they’re from Maryland too- and they said it was ok for her to make ‘Goth Parking Lot’, so she did.

See here-

Vintage PaidtobeNicedotCom


Her friend, NYC photographer Bryce Wards kindly hosts it on his site.


Here’s some of HMPL: