Hot Whore-ish Dream Guy: variation of Man Ho With a Heart of Gold

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He sleeps with models or really hot chicks.

He’ll change for you because you’re different.

He has Peter Pan Syndrome- and copious amounts of mysterious money he inherited or something because he doesn’t seem to have a job or work much on anything, so he can spend all of his time being a horn dog.

He’s supposedly irresistibly good-looking and knows it- some sort of man candy.

He’s um, off beat somehow – quirky himself, has low self esteem, hurts deep down inside, but masks it with narcissism.

He gets you out of your “shell” by getting you throw things, role play as characters from Dirty Dancing, or play strip H-O-R-S-E (basketball) with him.

Similar to The Manic Pixie Dream Girl in that he’ll get you to experience new things/lose some inhibitions, is “quirky” and also in that he is not successful professionally, does not pursue traditional grown up work patterns. She has Wendy Syndrome.

Different to The MPDG in that she will hook up with “nice guys”, not just models, the superficially attractive. HWDG is sly and methodical where MPDG is coy and cutesy.

MPDG and HWDG are new millennial breeds- not out for matrimony, and with no definitive romantic end game. They are catalysts for other characters to loosen up/change. HWDG in turn demonstrates being less shallow at the end. HWDG changes on his own accord, not because a female is pursuing him to change him.

HWDG isn’t as traditional, doesn’t wind up in status quo relationships like Ladykiller in Love or Reformed Rake.

HWDG’s change can be exhibited to platonic female characters- ie. in About a Boy and in New Girl.


yep, Hugh Grant as Will

Jacob in Crazy Stupid Love – yeah, you know it’s The Goz

Shirtless Schmidt from New Girl

Colin from What’s Your Number

The jump? 2002 – shirt, lately- no shirts

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