It’s Ray Bradbury Week

August 29, 2010

90 years of awesome

Hey, RachelDoesStuff, you’re killing me.

What to do when you’re young, creative and fresh out of school?

Here is a video I made of my friend and neighbor.

We love Robert Rodriguez also.

His trailer inspired us to make our own short revenge story.

aka The Real Furry Vengeance, aka There Will Be Butter.

Machete trailer:


Special thanks to:

Lodger Studios, Los Angeles

DJ Daisy O’Dell

DJ Whitney Fierce

Wayne Emme

We won a Contest

January 15, 2010

Yay- thanks to votes from a premier panel and reader votes.

Muchos gracias everyone.

@laweekly ‘s contest won by @paidtobenice

*Best Twitpic*

Supposedly, we are members of  i-Society.

LA Video Mash-Up

December 31, 2009

mountains to the ocean, banjo playing to bellydancing.

Happy New Year 2010, everyone!

We cruised along Mulholland Drive last night from Encino to the 90068, the Hollywood Hills to our destination over looking the town.


If you haven’t seen the titular David Lynch movie, there may be something wrong with you.

Funny thing is, my friend Bryce, NYC photographer extraordinaire, went to the party destination the night before, thinking it was the right evening. Instead of the party house, he walked into a dinner party at Kyle McLaughlin‘s home- star of many a David Lynch projects like Twin Peaks.  Talk about a LA experience.

If you know Lynch’s work- then we have no body switching to report to you than this bit of serendipity way above the sparkling lights of the city.

Here is what we did get into with @SuiteCaroline @Teigehertales @timbannock  @laurienlandry and @bryce_ward and Lil Ashley and Will.


Gashley & The Ghouullls gonna rock YOU.

Ash made that latex tentacle. Caroline is Edie Beale from Grey Gardens. Alissa is a Robert Palmer girl. Topie is Edgar Frog, vampire slayer from Lost Boys.


Tim & Laurie as Zombie Romeo & Juliet


Willy Bones as Willy Wonka and She-Devil

Alissa gettin’ down w/ L.A. (Lil Ash)

Happy Hallowienie to you all (insert Vincent Price laugh here)*


What we saw last night:
2 Lady Ga-Gas
2 Slashes
3 Chick Magnets
2 Hunter S. Thompsons
friend asked: Were you on Noah’s Ark?
If we were, we would all be doomed, dOOMED, no DOOMED with a capital double D, I tell ya.


I was at the today in Los Angeles. I noticed that Jeff Pulver and the gang had also held it in London and New York City.

For the last 12 years, that’s right- one dozen, I have lived in either one of these three cities. It began with London, then over to NYC, and now in Lala. 

I grew up in the South. I thought where I went to college had a lot of action and used to think I could see myself living there forever- getting a farm and making pottery. Somehow, after graduation, I snapped out if and skipped the country.  It was South London for me- SE5 to be precise.

I’ve met a ton of kids who grew up in cities. They mostly all say that being in the countryside drives them nuts- that they would much rather fall asleep to sirens and drunk people noises than the songs of crickets.

I thought myself lucky- that I grew up where it was nice and quiet for the better part of two decades on a street that had no name, but was technically Rural Route (insert number here) for the post al service. I felt that I appreciated all the excitement of the cities more than these kids, and that it did not hurt me to go back and spend time among green fields, streams, trees and wilderness.

But now, I’m beginning to wonder. I’m applying for more school- to various places- none in these three metropolises. Will I miss anything- any fun? the traffic, the bomb scares, etc?

Will I be like Chevy Chase ala ‘Funny Farm’? – one of my favorite movies where he moves from NYC to CT to write a novel. Will I get batty? Will I fear the locals, the townies who I once thought were quite interesting from the ‘uncultured hicks’ of my youth?

Or will the internet properly bridge experiences for me? Will I be able to be a hermit and part of the action online? Will that be enough?

We’ll see is all I’ve got.


CC in FF

Confirmed: I am a Character

October 26, 2009

How great- internet validation. Isn’t that what everyone is after now-a-days?

Does it translate to real life validation as a voice, as a being?

I guess we’ll find out.

Yours truly was chosen as one of the 140 characters out of the population of Los Angelenos to be a delegate at  This conference will explore the social ramifications of twitter, as a communication tool, on our lives.

So, yeah, more later on this, from your “influencer, all-star, maverick, game changer – all in one.”


Our 2 Ashleys

October 5, 2009

Some people have two dads, two moms, well, we’ve got two Ashleys- Big Ashley who is 5’8″ and Little Ashley who about 5’1″.

Lil Ash had never been to The Santa Monica Pier in all her years of living in Los Angeles, so we changed that. It’s like people who lived/do live in NYC and have never been to the Statue of Liberty (guilty as charged).



B with the tan man. Now where’s the scarecrow and the lion?


Had an old neighbor who kept an album of photos of people’s butts he took on his beach trips- just keeping up his legacy.



Made Lil Ash go on the ferris wheel for the full SM Pier experience- pier virgin no more!

Guess who’s back in town?

September 23, 2009 straight outta Carolina to LA, living on the eastside, working on the westside.

May we present:

Bellwether Trailblazer