November 26, 2011

Best of #lessambitiousfilms

January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

What, could 2011 be funnier than 2010? Hell yeah, it’s got to be.

We are the Perez Hilton of linguistics and twitter com.

Yours truly:

Get Him Near the Greek

Men Who Glance at Goats

Silver Finger

The Postman Always Rings Once (then you never get your package if you live in Memphis and use that postal service)

Jennifer’s Right Apendage

Katie Porter EternalKatie Star Dispute

Andrew Evers andrewevers Reservoir hamsters

Candice Tullis candicetullis Gone With The Breeze

Emerson Dameron emersondameron Off-white Swan

Colin Snyder scallopdelion Mild Bunch 

Howard Riefs hriefs Breakfast at The Dollar Store

Matthew Lane MattiusWilson Fiddler on the ground

courtney cantrell isis_irie the overweight mermaid

Marcie Turner 2readornot2read Some like it lukewarm

Lord Elgin w9maidavale Dial M for Manslaughter

Mark Smith lemarksmith Monophenia

Chris Hylton chyltn A Few Marginally Decent Men

Melissa Cutler m_cutler Black Duck

Carlyle Lowe cmltres Mr Smith Goes to Lubbock

David Hemming DrDaveH The Lunchpack of Notre Dame

Alex Gartner AlexGartner111 One Flew Over the Pidgeon’s Nest