We love Robert Rodriguez also.

His trailer inspired us to make our own short revenge story.

aka The Real Furry Vengeance, aka There Will Be Butter.

Machete trailer:


Special thanks to:

Lodger Studios, Los Angeles

DJ Daisy O’Dell

DJ Whitney Fierce

Wayne Emme



October 31, 2009

Hash tag Topic: Twitter Writing Game

Hey nerds!


@cthalloween from the uber-popular ICanHaz.com.

Don’t wait for the great pumpkin. 

@ctscanhollywood : We are finding them in the rocky canyon grounds, under the hills that overlook the valleys of vice.

@cthalloween : Cult: It’s near impossible to keep from gibbering and chattering. Can you stay sane and finish your duties?

@ctscanhollywood : lips zipped, sewn sewvein together with twine. be forever mine.

@ctholloween : Cult: Do you survive or sacrifice yourself? Will the cult go on? What dark portents do you see for the future?

@ctscanhollywood : joining in square of death, before dusk sets in, in the missing hour of the year of one plus one equals you. all naysayers burn.

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btw: This is the Poe Bicentennial Year


We went to Poe’s spot in Richmond, Virginia in May on our mid-Atlantic tour, near murky the river front. saw his stuff. it was pretty darn cool.

Coolest Birds on the Block

September 17, 2009


If only we could have matching outfits like this for an episode; we’d be the most happening birds in town, maybe.