What happens in Pasadena, stays in Pasadena.

Cal Tech scientists are baffled at this phenom and are working hard to decode it.  Was this one the original “big one” that set the standard for all other “video vixens”?

This one was a 10.5+ magnitude.


Testing the Gaydar

October 6, 2009

We did a little “Lessie Watch” in the Encino Farmer’s Market this past weekend with Tanya O, which was infinitely more exciting than say Bay Watch.

Would you watch a show about a lesbian testing out her gaydar (gay radar)?

Too bad, she’s moving to England in a couple months from California to be with her girlfriend. See, Cali- you’re driving out all the fun people with your Prop 8 nonsense.



California Livin’, courtesty of Tanya O.

Yesterday was so much fun, courtesty of Brandie June and one her wonderful just for fun productions.  We shot some footage for our Halloweenie Episode.

We were at a red wedding- yeah you heard right.

Zombies attacked and transformed some people right after their nuptuals, all under swaying palm trees.

There were even pint size zombies running around.  You’ll see more when Brandie has a gallery exhibit up of all the fun times.

zombiesurvivalguide  IMG_7868 

Please check out Tim Bannock’s LA Examiner ZOMBIE page.

Here’s something fun from Dustin McLean– a literal video of Billy Idol’s White Wedding- enjoy—>

In a couple weeks, we’re off to shoot a haunted hayride. Hope we survive it!