-as time permits, as silly as urbanites (citizens of LA & beyond) wanna get

More videos about young people out in the world have been added here>

Such as Danny Kamikaze vs. Girl Monsters

and 3 “BLT episodes“…


:::The Hoodie Heartthrob Episode

Featuring Rapper John Blue of Tru Ace, Seth Daly, Jordan Daly & Colin Robinson

HoodiedHunkTITLE copy

Based on a Gawker.com article and a NYMag.com article called ‘One Dude, Many Hoodies’, we will go interview for HH-s in Hollywood they may have missed. Do you have what it takes to be a HH?

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:::Vintage Paidtobenice


Goth Parking Lot, made with encouragement from the Heavy Metal Parking Lot guys.

If you don’t know what HMPL is, you might want to get checked.



:::The show formerly known as The {Foot} Hills

Featuring Willy Bones and Bradley Riot

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:::The Halloweenie Episode

Featuring The Zombies of The San Fernando Valley & their victims- Laurie N. Landry and Tim Bannock

It might not always be Halloween, but this should get you in the mood.
Zombies are great for any time of year, really.


Twilight or True Blood? A vs. P? V vs. P?

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Did someone say Debbie Harry? Miss Guy? The Toilet Boys? Misstress Formika?

Here we were in the year 2000.



Entries for GetCrackin.com Contest

Wisecrackin’ and Safecrackin’

Entry for Get Energy Smart Contest:

Everyone in the family can get energy smart, even the four legged members

Video made for The Jack Rabbit Collection of Hollywood, CA

Fave of The Charlie’s Angels

(Spring 2009 Collection)

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