CTScanHollywood recently featured at The 140 Conference, as one of Los Angeles’s 140 “Characters” .

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Member of The Modern Language Association and The Popular Culture/American Culture Association.

2010 UCLA Extension Screenwriting Certificate grad, with Distinction

Currently temporarily exploring areas outside of cities with over 5 million inhabitants-

See what happens when city dwellers leave their apartments/houses/parking spaces to decide to tackle the wilds of Los Angeles.

:::Explorations, observations and commentary on social media, visual rhetoric, and urban dwellers in Generation X and Generation Y:::

As many different people out there, as are cupcakes–





C U Later


Stop Bullying at the university level

Women bullying other women is pathetic

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Academic bullying of any kind is unacceptable and rather pathetic when it’s coming from those who are supposedly highly educated. I’ve recently created a website for students and postdocs to rate their PI’s. I doubt it’s going to stop bullying anywhere, but at the very least it may help prospective students avoid certain advisers with low ratings. What are your thoughts?

    • great idea! some really are “passive-aggressive” as one of your rating systems say, steal work from their grad students and are jealous when their students achieve, get accepted to conferences they don’t get into…

  2. Thanks for the super-quick response! The site has been up for a month, and has received two PI ratings so far – not too bad considering that almost no one is aware of it. It’s never easy trying to reach out to students who are perpetually trapped in their labs.. lol.

    P.S. Yeah, the ‘passive-aggressive’ adviser is arguably more dangerous than those who scream and yell their heads off.

  3. Caroline said

    I am sorry that you were treated this way, Unfortunately, this is all too common and in fact there are situations in University settings that are even worse.

    The problem is that no one will speak out on the subject. A few brave ones attempt to expose college professors – but the treatment they receive isn’t worth it. I have personal experience with this subject.

    I wish you all the best in your academic endeavors.

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