Skankenstein Poster

December 5, 2011

Thanks Chaka Khan:

She’s every woman. It’s all in her.

A slain female prostitute is brought back to life using body parts from other fallen women. She avenges her death and takes out the ones who kept her and other women down.



We go overhead from the lit up top of St. Louis Cathedral, swooping over Jackson Square to The Mighty Mississippi, to Algier’s Point, hitting some trees with Spanish Moss hanging on them, back over to The French Quarter, skittering by the antiquarian rooftops, down Royal Street’s balconies, to the red neon lights spelling HOTEL MONTELEONE.

Now we go through the doors of Hotel Monteleone, a fine establishment with the most decked out lobby you’ve ever seen- a polished brown and white gingham floor, chandeliers the size of boats, ceilings that do not dare scream what they’ve seen over the decades.

We walk with CLAIREESE, 25, a ravishing mixed race beauty who commands her cadence in her six inch leopard print heels. She’s no little girl in big girl shoes. She’s a woman who owns it, this town, this client she’s about to meet. She’s no ordinary call girl.


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