Busy Beez

June 19, 2011

New Projects:



Senior Living

WGA 1515146

In progress:
Stan is going into his final year of college and head of the mathletes team at his university. He convinces four of his fellow nerds (who are tired of dorm and roommate situations with people their own age) to live part time in disguise and move into a retired persons assisted living community, so they can get some peace and quiet to study and win their coveted math trophy.

It seems like a great idea at first, but after the staff goes home, the senior citizens get rowdy. These octogenarian seniors give the college seniors some schooling on how to really live, be cooler, score chicks- that sort of thing- before they have to enter the “grown-up” world waiting for them. It’s a challenge of the wills between those who act old before their time and those who never really grew up.


Tweet, tweet

Scanning the East Coast for a spell before being back West-

Got a team name? motto?

Here are some problems we wrote:

– picture of Thomas Jefferson

– picture of M. Night Shyamalan + Haley Joel Osment

Answer: 11

5 cents + The Sixth Sense


-big card with a picture of the state of Ohio, South Carolina, Georgia, Nebraska, Texas, Minnesota, Kansas ..

-big card with 9 – e + a

-big card with a picture of a 16 oz. + a

-big card with a picture of Santa (Claus) + a picture of Maria Shriver

Answer: 1492

Columbus [sailed the ocean blue] with the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria



The Jacqueses do the brainy chihuahua/beagle’s bidding for earnings for dairy delights.

Will they win the 2K contest prize to get more?

Team photo in Chinatown, DC