Got History?

April 19, 2011

New story… old story?

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WGA 1501760

In progress:

Three single women trapped in the present lament their dating lives and long for a time when men were men and women didn’t aspire to be on reality tv shows.

Deb, Whitney and Marcie live normal lives, working jobs where they feel dispensable. They’re bored of the dating scenes where they live. Their prospects are bleak, and looking back on people they have history with proves nauseating.

Deb’s in LA- men are more into their Blackberries and Porsches than courtship. Whitney’s in New York where she tells Deb it’s not much better, where men get their nails done. Marcie’s in the burbs where guys watch sports and play video games instead of wooing. Moving to another city for a fresh supply of men isn’t going to make a difference.

Not that these women want to be princesses or characters in romance novels; they just want to date during ages where romance was part of life and so was actual living-feeling alive instead of being attached to gadgets, machines and screens all the time.

The women find the site and imagine hooking up with bad boys from the past; not their past, but history’s past.  Their imagination becomes real. Will they like being lost in time in their searches to be lost in love, or will they long to return to the “now”?

Will anyone notice they’re missing? Will going back in time give them what they want for the future?

More #Ho-mance scripts here.


Strangely, just got news there’s a script out for Bill & Ted’s #3

Get your midriffs ready!

We’re submitting these guys to Bangable Dudes in History:

More about them? See the post before this one–

For screenplay about them, go HERE.


which is your fave?

Adolph Fischer

Albert Parsons

August Spies

just look at those moustaches

has “bangable” made it into The Oxford English Dictionary yet?

People attempt to do away with what they can’t understand- and sometimes what that is- is the truth.

Anniversary #125 this year:


WGA 1498820

This is a historical drama based on the autobiography of Albert Parsons and other materials that retell the events of the Haymarket bombing of May 4, 1886, the subsequent trial and executions of anarchists in America who fought for the eight hour work day.

The story centers on Parsons, who at age 13 fought for the CSA and later denounced his indoctrination, and his wife Lucy, an outspoken free woman of color who published articles, spoke to the public and led marches.

The film also focuses on Louis Lingg, a young German carpenter unionist who emigrated to Chicago and German language newspaper publisher August Spies. Lingg committed suicide in prison. Spies met his wife as a result of the conspiracy trial.  Four men were hung and buried in Waldheim Cemetery in Chicago.

What’s going on now in America? Unionists, boycotting, plutocracy… so familiar because it’s from history.

Jon Stewart Teacher Cribs

Sean Duffy from WI (R) can’t survive on 174K/year? He should try being a teacher.

Certain legislators want to relax current child labor laws.

VANITY FAIR article: Of the 1%, by the 1% :

1% of the US population has 25% of the entire wealth of the country


Trial corruption- West Memphis 3

Yep, people still make stuff up to put people behind bars who they feel threatened by for one reason or another.

*Lorri Davis is to Damien Echols as Nina Van Zandt was to August Spies*

SEC ignores Markopolos, repeatedly, but you knew that-

Greater Than

April 3, 2011

Snooki Blues

April 1, 2011

Who doesn’t have the Snooki blues? She made it to the NYT Bestseller list for her book and most writers never will.

Her bumpit will book your butt and put you behind bars—