Do Your Part

March 30, 2011

From HanaBatake’s Tumblr:

Repeat as many times as necessary*

Please, please, give us, the average viewing audience something else:

  • love Josh Radnor, but Liberal Arts sounds exactly like The Last Kiss, man- 30s longs for college days, hooks up w/ college chick- yeah, um..
  • love Rashida Jones, but Celeste and Jesse just sounds like The Break-up + A Lot Like Love … err

BEEN done, why go see them again when they weren’t fab the first time?




Uncivil Undead

March 22, 2011


WGA 1494433

Remember, kids- Rabies = racist zombies.

This is different from other Confederate zombie stories where people just get eaten- this one has a social commentary attached. Neo “rebels” talk the same, think the same, look the same, they don’t really rebel against anything. They adhere to their upbringing of hating “outsiders”.


Tannersville is a still segregated small Southern town with a Confederate Cemetery- as many small Southern towns have and highlight with historical markers.

Bobby Calhoun is a young good ole boy who has been raised to wait until The South rises again, like the generations before him who think The Civil War never really ended. They still honor those like Nathan Bedford Forrest, burn crosses in their spare time and put on Civil War re-enactments, but change the outcome to where The South won.

Edie Webb is is quasi-girlfriend, still figuring herself out- raised Southern Baptist, raised to have kids and bring them up in the church. She loses her virginity to Bobby in the cemetery.

Unbeknownst to them, her blood on a full moon awakens long dead soldiers. This is due to a magic spell done by a CSA leader to awaken his troops to seek vengeance against the “Northern aggression” or anyone who by existing, attempts to ruin their way of life, “as the good lord intended it”.

“Murders” of white people happen that rock Tannersville. These “victims” happened to be glad to see the soldiers march again, until they got eaten by them.

The victims appear dead for three days, then become zombies themselves…

Hanh Le, Nairey Pygosian Ramirez, Sanjit Patel, and Tim Smith are new graduate students at the local college that lured them from out of state with the promise of financial support, then tried to load work on them and discriminate against them. This group of minorities and Tim, along with local Adam Jenkins, figure out what’s going on.  Samara Brown is a young black woman who grew up in Tannersville who stands with the cause. Her brother Lavarius and his friend Joe Edmonds also help the out of towners with the Rebel zombies.

Edie and Samara are attracted to each other. When they kiss, the zombies’ heads explode.

The future of Tannersville and towns like it are at stake…

What will have to happen for them to survive?


March 21, 2011

South Carolina digital road warning signs: