Quit Being a Chicken

December 10, 2010

How you might ask?

Rejection Therapy is your answer.

A cool Canadian computer dude named Jason Comely started it to help himself get over anxiety and at this time he’s got over 250 people who have joined him.

Here’s a couple blogs of people trying it:

Jason Shen and Sneaky Little Fox

Jason and Jason have also started doing weekly podcasts too.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get rejected today.

Ready for i-Rejection? That’s coming next.

Right now you’ll have to do it the old fashioned way with RJ flash cards, or come up with your own ideas about how to get turned down.

Rejection. It really spices up your life.

*Update: RJ gets a screenplay:  “The Anti-Social Network”

  1. Jesus Christ@Jesus_M_Christ

    My Dad and I just want to make a definitive statement: Fuck the Westboro Baptist Church

  2. rose mcgowan@rosemcgowan

    motherfuckers.Westboro Baptist “church”members will protest at Elizabeth Edwards’ funeral.Want 2mow them down with my machine gun leg.

  3. Matthew Paul Turner@JesusNeedsNewPR

    Westboro Baptist Church is neither Baptist or a church. They’re nothing more than a hate group with tax-exempt status.

  4. Ali Davis@Ali_Davis

    I like to imagine that the Westboro Baptist creeps will get to Heaven, but then they will be made to stand outside with signs.


How could anyone?

Now they’ve turned their hate of homosexuals onto a woman who suffered so much in life?

Westboro Baptist = inbred assholes

Who comes up with this shit?



You kind of really have to know indie bands for these to be funny.  The irony in this trending topic is that most indie bands are emaciated cigarette smoking white folks.

Britt Molnar @akaBritt Yo La Taco

Real band name: (Yo La Tengo)

CrispyTartCrassTalk @ctscanhollywood Jon Spencer Pants Explosion (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion)

Pudding at the Disco (Panic at the Disco) – not so indie, but…

She Wants Ravioli (She Wants Revenge)

Superchunkymonkey (Superchunk)

Morgan Miller @MrMorganMiller Modern Life is Boar (Modern Life is a Bore)

Joseph @Josephamjad @sethbrewton @rileybreck Elvis Cosjell-o

Liberty @MissLiberty Little Debbie Harry  —- not really indie, but ok

Chris @mountainchrisp Archers Of Meatloaf (Archers of Loaf)

Doug Tilley @Doug_Tilley Neko Case of Soda and a bag of pretzels (Neko Case)

thesetlist @thesetlist Death Flab for Booty (Death Cab for Cutie)

Bernard Bloom @bernardbloom Beerhunter (Deerhunter)

josh . henderson @HendoTweets Florence & The Exercise Machine (Florence and the Machine)

Spencer Griffin @spencergriffin nada surf and turf (Nada Surf)

LiliVonShtupp @lilivonshtupp Fat Power (Cat Power, aka Chan Marshall)

Nick Ciarelli @nciarelli @toddlevin KFC Soundsystem (LCD Soundsystem)

Ronald Doyle @ronald182 Burger Kings of Leon (Kings of Leon)

Borscht Belt @Borscht_Belt Fast Food Nation of Ulysses (Nation of Ulysses)

And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Bread (sub Bread for The Dead)

Velveeta Undergrad (Velvet Underground)

This time  the meme’s for a good cause, just not narcissistic purposes:

Change your facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood and
invite your friends to do the same. Until Monday (Dec 6) there should be
no human faces on facebook, but an invasion of memories. This is for a
campaign against violence against children.

Regression at its best.

Here are some of what my friends got replaced with, pretty fun:

Now, someone needs to write “What Your Choice of Cartoon Characters Says About You”, anyone from the APA, anyone? Bueller?

What type are you?

December 1, 2010

Now you don’t have to wonder.

Not just for nerdy typographers and art directors or graphic designers anymore.

Find out now.

Yours truly got “New Alphabet”.


Brainiacs Beware

December 1, 2010

Yeah, this sums it up–

Zombies in the Academy