BEST OF #Failedcandy

This post is “fun-sized” for you to chew on.

Strangers with Candy would be proud.

Taste the Rainbow, of Rabies

@DarkSideIntern Dicklets – Tiny bite size chewy candy

@apesauce Sugarbastards and Sugarmistresses, the illegitimate family of Sugardaddies

@Avepates Sour Rape, Facial Tic Tacs, JournoHacks, Slutsons

@mr_popcorn 2 Girls 1 Peanut Butter Cup, Reese’s Feces

@prOductOf_1980s Those new skittles that fizzle in ya mouth like u got rabies

@HANsumSOLO Tittles

@Karrington25 Rosemary’s baby-back ribs flavored jolly ranchers

@NikkiLynette Nobody better lay a finger on my Boogerfinger.

@JBod Herpe’s Kisses

@Hank_Thompson Flintstones-shaped Viagra

@bbunny1940 Three Mouseketeers

@lipglossluvah Eminem’s w nuts

For your enjoyment, the new T.I. track–



A Chance for Justice

November 4, 2010


Threads leading to one of the dead boy’s step father.
Jury misconduct.

Finally, hope for justice.

Even on the poll for this article, there are ignorant people voting “No”, these people should not get a retrial.

Other article on this almost 2 decade debacle.