S & M: It’s not what you think

May 5, 2010

You let your mind go there- to the gutter.

Get back on the sidewalk.

So, it’s been Mercury Retrograde- where things from your past come back.  This happens a few times a year and everything goes haywire.

It’s been a great thing for me- I moved back into town for the summer (after I exiled myself in the valley for grad school, part 1).  My buddy from NYC is with me for the week, and I’ve gotten to see a bunch of my old neighbors- the once F.A.G. (Franklin Avenue Gang). We all lived around the foothills by the Hollywood sign for half a decade, give or take together- 2002-2007.

I decided to start a new multi-media project called Saturn Return/Mercury Retrograde (S & M).

Saturn Return happens around the ages of 28-29.5 where the planet comes back and revolves around your sign (so you only get this a few times in your life). Everything is supposed to go topsy-turvy. Your job, relationships and life are bound to change during this time.

If you don’t get it- it’s like mumblecore meets Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

Click here for the S & M project page.

Check out this video entitled:



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