February 9, 2010

Just a sampling: Americans are creative after all

@asstoot: blood sex sugar magik

@jserb: Buy Michelle footed pajamas

@CheetahGazelle: Where is Joe Hiding?

@JoyInDJourney: Richard Marx’s Tha Bomb

@IamBrandonMoyer: What is Borat’s number?

@paidtobenice: smells like teen spirit

@bluebombardier: Poetry Jam. Invite Sanford.

@RonPaulNot4Me: Is that botox, Nancy?

@tehflow: what would Diddy do?

@pan1x: Did Biden fart again?

@Raging_Red: get Just for Men

Kind of derogatory, but one person wrote: “Half honkey, all donkey”. Donkey as in Democrat?

In response to Sarah Palin’s writing on her hands during her Tea Party speech: