The People of Fallas Paredes… a real store in Los Angeles… enquiring minds want to know. We don’t speak Spanish. sounds like phalluses on parade?



More on this when we hang out in the parking lot of the FP on Vermont Avenue, south of Hollywood Boulevard.

For reference- here is the mega comedy site

Snagit1 (3)

Snagit1 (7)

Snagit1 (5)

Thunk up by Michelle Johnson; Shot & Edited by Dara Oum

We did some running around with the usual suspects- Jordan Daly and Seth Daly from The Hoodie Hunk episode.

See the results- when mimes get violent and create memes:

The Mime Love Story from Mandolin Films on Vimeo.

Cruising with Ms. Kellie (friend since the 90’s), also from NC, living in LA.

We hit up Desert Rose in Los Feliz. Happy Hour is scrumptious there and the service impeccable, so much that we tipped them 40%. 

When I first moved to LA, I couldn’t stop complaining- “this would never happen in New York”. Now when I get good table service, I say “Dang, this never happens in LA”- but in a good way. It’s just that in LA, every waiter is the proverbial actor…

Then we went on a night time photo expedition- no flash = everything has a nice NOIR tinge to it. Voila.

Filmed some for a TKO Show- Topie Kellie Operetta-






Bi-Coastal Migration

September 27, 2009

After 9/11, New York friends started trickling out to the West Coast. Lately LA friends have been moving East. What to do, what to do?

Can we re-arrange the states so certain ones are closer together?

Missing members of the Franklin Avenue Gang who moved to NYC:

Whitney Marston Pierce (Fierce) and Chris Brunner



This couple really takes the cake, like literally.

Have video of them somewhere at our last Downtown LA dog party- must dig it up.

We shot some stuff  for the Willie Topie Fun (WTF) Show today with buddy @BradleyRiot. Will is sporting some weird Frank Zappa look.

Next, we’ll go talk to street walkers on Santa Monica Boulevard and Highland Avenue about street style. Who would know better than people who stand on street corners all day, right?

We’ll be editing starting tomorrow.






They’re baaaack

September 25, 2009

Topie is a yenta, really. She’s set up many a couple- one that went on to be a lawyer and a cardiologist, and these two: Jenn & Greg—>

who rawk


If it’s good enuff for David Bowie, it’s good enough for us.


of BK, baby.

Me Talk Dirty One Day

September 24, 2009


@PowerofNo  -neh Beth Wareham cums up with the perviest word games.

Example- today was #pornshop.

Her results:

Forever 69

JC Peeney

Foot Licker

Whacker Barrel

@paidtobenice results:

Bananas A-Re Public

Strap-on Buttfitters

Another was #amisherotictitles

I can’t remember Beth’s now- and twitter search won’t give ’em up.

@paidtobenice results that can be recalled:

As the Butter Churns

Is that a Barn Raising or Are You Just Happy to See Me?


We love Evan Charnov

September 24, 2009

Topie’s old boss, Evan Charnov, finished writing Lost Boys 3: The Thirst.

It’s getting made in South America (Capetown) in November, sadly not LA, directed by Dario Piana.

When veteran vampire hunter Edgar Frog finds himself destitute and almost friendless, when [sic] a wealthy vampire-romance novelist offers him a small fortune to go on the vampire hunt of a lifetime and rescue her son.


Guess who’s back in town?

September 23, 2009 straight outta Carolina to LA, living on the eastside, working on the westside.

May we present:

Bellwether Trailblazer


Remember that VHS that circulated in for reals underground style? It was shot outside a Judas Priest concert in the 80’s- Heavy Metal Parking Lot!

Well, Topie wrote those guys because they’re from Maryland too- and they said it was ok for her to make ‘Goth Parking Lot’, so she did.

See here-

Vintage PaidtobeNicedotCom

Her friend, NYC photographer Bryce Wards kindly hosts it on his site.


Here’s some of HMPL: