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Pepper Spray Meme

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Occupy Munchkinland by EnemyLister


November 19, 2011

UC Davis Chancellor and Police Chief, Shame on YOU.

Professor Nathan Brown. You have balls.


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Hot Whore-ish Dream Guy: variation of Man Ho With a Heart of Gold

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He sleeps with models or really hot chicks.

He’ll change for you because you’re different.

He has Peter Pan Syndrome- and copious amounts of mysterious money he inherited or something because he doesn’t seem to have a job or work much on anything, so he can spend all of his time being a horn dog.

He’s supposedly irresistibly good-looking and knows it- some sort of man candy.

He’s um, off beat somehow – quirky himself, has low self esteem, hurts deep down inside, but masks it with narcissism.

He gets you out of your “shell” by getting you throw things, role play as characters from Dirty Dancing, or play strip H-O-R-S-E (basketball) with him.

Similar to The Manic Pixie Dream Girl in that he’ll get you to experience new things/lose some inhibitions, is “quirky” and also in that he is not successful professionally, does not pursue traditional grown up work patterns. She has Wendy Syndrome.

Different to The MPDG in that she will hook up with “nice guys”, not just models, the superficially attractive. HWDG is sly and methodical where MPDG is coy and cutesy.

MPDG and HWDG are new millennial breeds- not out for matrimony, and with no definitive romantic end game. They are catalysts for other characters to loosen up/change. HWDG in turn demonstrates being less shallow at the end. HWDG changes on his own accord, not because a female is pursuing him to change him.

HWDG isn’t as traditional, doesn’t wind up in status quo relationships like Ladykiller in Love or Reformed Rake.

HWDG’s change can be exhibited to platonic female characters- ie. in About a Boy and in New Girl.


yep, Hugh Grant as Will

Jacob in Crazy Stupid Love – yeah, you know it’s The Goz

Shirtless Schmidt from New Girl

Colin from What’s Your Number

The jump? 2002 – shirt, lately- no shirts

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Review of and Defense of What’s Your Number

I truly wanted to see this opening weekend because I love Anna Faris, but grad school and a series of bad reviews got in the way. Finally made it out to see the last Sunday night showing- probably before they yank it away from theaters.  I thought it would kind of be like The Ex List, with Elizabeth Reaser, the tv show I liked that got cancelled after a few episodes.  Yes, the conceit of the magazine article seemed quite ridiculous too- why would a woman let such a thing mentally block her? But- just go with it.

The previews/trailers didn’t do it justice. The whole, “I’ll help you hide from your girlfriends if you help me find my exes” thing between Ally and her neighbor Colin (Chris Evans) didn’t jive. It wasn’t until you find out that his dad was a cop and he knows how to track people down did that make any sense.

Strangely enough, the movie opens exactly like Bridesmaids did- Ally goes to the bathroom to freshen up before her guy wakes up just like Wiig’s Annie does.  I’ll tell you how What’s Your Number differs from BridesmaidsBrides tries to appeal to a male audience with barfing and diarrhea. That’s great for teen boys and dudes who never grew up- so it worked. WYN worked on the women’s front.  I wanted to like Bridesmaids, but hated it the first time around. It’s grown on me since. My initial opinion was that Wiig’s character was really alienating, off-putting and way too into herself, as opposed to Faris’ character’s self deprecation and natural silliness, which I found more relatable.

WYN’s previews make the protagonist, Ally, look like she gives a shit about the numbers, but it’s really a piece about a woman who doesn’t care, but feels pressured to, and how damaging articles in women’s magazines can be.  Ally obviously comes from the school of ‘Do Me Feminism’ and we see her low self esteem moments- what woman hasn’t had them? Assuming, she’s smart and always safe- does a woman have to seriously contemplate every sexual encounter?

Compared to other rom-coms, Ally is realistic and the Anne Hathaway characters out there are prudish, scrubbed and safe for puritanical American consumption. Women are trapped into still acting “pure”. The evidence? Articles in The New Scientist and AskMen even- where women lie- play down the number of sexual partners they have because they’re afraid of being judged – like Ally does at first in the movie.  We’re shamed for some reason into pretending we didn’t have certain conquests that we did.  Rare is the female character who is unapologetic about it like Samantha on Sex and the City.  Men wear their numbers like a badge of their testosterone levels.

What would’ve helped? Probably better trailers and better marketing, but– As cheesy as the exposition was in Crazy Stupid Love with Ryan Gosling’s character on why he’s such a player, it worked- you find out why he’s a man whore with low self esteem- his mom was cold and aloof, yada yada. With Colin we don’t know much about his psychology except that his dad worked a lot and didn’t take him to as many ball games as he would’ve liked.  Also, bestiality talk still isn’t that palatable- and there was some of it- about a dog in WYN. Cutting that would’ve been nice, but I see also that it shows how desperate some people are.  The strip basketball scene and the clay carvings were both- ehh.

WYN breaks some conventions nicely. Brides shows Annie always going back to the asshole, the playa (played by Jon Hamm). It wants her to be with the safe, nice, caring cop. In WYN, Colin has an equal in Ally. She’s on his level. She’s a dude who’s banged a string of people too. He’s flawed. She’s flawed and they accept each other. In the end, Annie conforms more than Ally does.

Neither Ally or Colin are society’s “safe” and “acceptable” mates.  Emma Stone’s character in Crazy Stupid Love is- she’s perfect- in law school and cool.  She’s presentable.  Why shouldn’t women have “hoes in area codes” and then try to find out if they maybe missed a needle in a hay stack? Men do in the movies and “the one” they find just consents to it.

I don’t think America could wrap their heads around certain things in WYN. It opens with talking about doggie style sex and then moves onto a discussion anal later.

The ending begins with Ally yelling that she’s a “jobless whore” and ending up with her man whore neighbor (which we saw coming, but didn’t expect in this way).  There’s also the scene where Colin and Ally walk to an “open house” and they talk about the type of woman who you can take home to your family, [bake an apple pie with your mom- or something–a list of characteristics I forget- will have to get a hold of the script] who’ll then take off her glasses and “fuck you sideways”. Colin says, “This woman doesn’t exist”.  She only exists on a show like New Girl or movies written by men.  Here, I think the writers are referring to the manic pixie dream girl again. Kudos to the writers of WYN for this. It’s ridiculous that women have to try to shoe-horn themselves into certain molds.  In WYN, Ally escapes this conformity and confinement by “being herself”.  WYN WYN.

Look at the posters for WYN

Visual rhetoric here:  Ally’s on top of the numbers. She has a man behind her.

Btw, the runner with Chris Pratt (Faris’ real life husband) in WYN is hilarious.

Liked Mylod’s directing.

Ally’s series of mishaps with guys is a riot- all the past Allys had us rolling.

You’ll have to see it. Viva la “jobless whore”.

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Call for Submissions

October 12, 2011

Paidtobenice and T&A Present:

My Bloggy Valentine

Volume One, An Anthology

Call for Submissions

Send us your blogs, short stories about Valentine’s Day– hilarious, romantic-al, horror laden- whatever moves you. Yeah, we’re putting this out now so we have some collection and prep time for a February (of what year we don’t know yet) release.


My Bloggy Valentine is a play on “My Bloody Valentine,” which is both a cult-classic slasher film and the name of a cult-favorite alternative rock band familiar to a hip urban audience. 

My Bloggy Valentine will be an anthology documenting the technological expression of everyone’s favorite emotion, love, as seen through the prism of Valentine’s Day blog entries.

Before and after “V-day” bloggers of all stripes take to their keyboards to recount their experiences and either extoll or lament the annual emotional climax that is February 14. As a holiday both adored and disdained, Valentine’s Day is ripe for conflict, humor and entertainment.

The book’s concept is a box of chocolates, divided into eight chapters representing eight pieces of candy. These treats will range from sweet to bittersweet to bitter, with stories moving from the vomit-inducingly lovey-dovey to the unwholesome or bizarre.

We’ll include all flavors of amoré because we all know that when it’s good, it’s great, but sometimes you get a bad one. And because not everyone’s ready for a relationship, we won’t limit ourselves to love between humans – valentines written to pets, food, products or love itself are fair game.

My Bloggy Valentine will be a collection with a treat for every special or not-so-special someone during the Valentine season, as well a source of entertainment worth reading aloud to friends all year round. It’s a celebration of human heart as it reaches out through the arm and onto the Internet.


Love can be sweet and it can be bitter, and it’s definitely everything in between.

Chapter 1 – White Chocolate with Fudge Filling

This is the best of both worlds, a fun contrast, opposites attract.

In this, we’ll explore everything that’s new and stark. We’re at the puppy love stage here.

Chapter 2 – White Chocolate with Crispy Filling

Snaps, crackles and pops in your mouth. The fireworks begin, but things are still innocent.

Chapter 3 – Milk Chocolate with Bacon

Things are getting salty and sweet at the same time. A touch of grease for the fire smoldering inside all of us.

Chapter 4 – Milk Chocolate with Truffles

Truffles are so grown up, refined. We’ll get stories about adult relationships.

Chapter 5 – Milk Chocolate with Coconut Flakes

We’ll learn that those who seem sweet on the outside can still be disappointing. We’ll hear about getting stood up, being forgotten about when others “flake.”

Chapter 6 – Milk Chocolate with Orange Crème

Sounds like a bizarre combination – citrus and chocolate, but sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes this is the piece that someone takes a bite out of us and puts back in the box. It’s a flavor that’s an acquired taste. Take it or leave it.

Chapter 7 – Dark Chocolate with a Cherry Filling

Yes, darker desires and all and that ooey-gooey, “that sweet, that nasty, that gushy stuff,” as Jay-Z rapped. This is a classic, satisfying flavor, usually poppped all at once into your mouth to be savored, but makes your teeth ache afterwards.

Chapter 8 – Dark Chocolate with Nuts

Dark and nutty – says it all. We’ve been nutty, we’ve been with nutcases. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish who’s who.

Email lifebehindthesmogcurtain@gmail.com.

Looking forward to reading your stuff.



October 2, 2011

Countdown to Halloween 2011

Wga 1535885


Logline: A dead hooker is brought back to life using available body parts in a voodoo ceremony, avenges her death and takes out the bad guys who kept her and other women down.

Tagline:  This dead hooker ain’t no joke.

Setting: New Orleans

In the tone of: Death Proof and Planet Terror

Genre: Horror Comedy